Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the West Norfolk Netball League website. Please find below the answers to frequently asked questions. These should be read in conjunction with the West Norfolk Netball League rules.

For all other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the first instance.

Where and when do you play?

West Norfolk Netball League fixtures are played on Tuesday evenings on the courts behind the Tennis Centre at King Edward VII Academy, King’s Lynn.

Matches take place at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm. When you play will depend on the fixtures list given out at the beginning of the season.

HOW DO I REGISTER/affiliate?

Initially, each team should complete a registration form at the start of each season which will be sent out via email to team contacts. All players need to be registered to West Norfolk Netball League and must also be affiliated to All England Netball. This provides each player with insurance against injury, and insurance should a player cause injury.

If you are a new team, please request one of these from the Affiliations Secretary using the contact page.

If you are an individual looking to join a team, please contact us and we’ll put you in contact with those teams looking for new players.

what happens if a player is not affiliated?

You may register a player to your team who is not affiliated as a ‘guest player’. Guest players may play three times in a year (September to August) before they need to be affiliated.

Affiliations are checked by the Affiliation Secretary and if a player is found not to be properly affiliated then a 3 point deduction will apply to the team with whom they are registered. This is made on a per player, per game basis.

how do i pay my match fees?

The current court fee is £10 per match, per team. At the start of the season each team is sent a spreadsheet detailing match fees for all teams entered for the season. Payments are to be made by bank transfer or cheque (payable to WNNL) and sent to the Treasurer. Scorecards will only be issued for matches that have been paid for, and a team will be unable to take to the court if they do not have, or have not paid for, the relevant match fees. There will be point deductions for late payments.

how do i pay for the umpire?

Umpires are paid in cash prior to the start of each match. The amount payable will depend on the qualification the umpire holds. The umpires will add their fees together and then halve them so that each team pays the same amount.

The current fees are:

  • Unqualified Beginner – £5.00
  • Qualified Beginner – £7.00
  • C Grade – £10.00
  • B Grade – £13.00

WNNL currently have 1 ‘B Grade’ umpire so the most a team will pay for their umpires £11.50 per match.

who are the umpires?

Every team registered to West Norfolk Netball League is expected to provide at least two umpires, who have attended a course and have been involved in umpiring where possible, to join the umpiring rota by the end of their first year. Umpires are allocated matches based on qualifications and experience. The rota is drawn up at the start of the season and is sent to all team contacts and umpires as well as being posted on the West Norfolk Netball League website.

N.B. Liable to amendments. In these instances, the teams and umpires involved will be contacted directly by the Umpiring Secretary.

Any umpire who is unable to attend their allocated time will need to contact the Umpiring Secretary in the first instance. You should also contact them if you have any queries regarding the rota.

how do I cancel a match?

The Umpiring Secretary and the opposing team captain must be notified in the event a match needs to be cancelled. This notice must be received by 7pm on the Monday before the match is due to take place.

If you cancel a match, you are responsible for both team’s court fees (i.e. £20). If you do not provide sufficient notice for the umpires to be cancelled, you will also need to pay the umpiring fees in full.

If you do not cancel a match and do not attend at all, all of the above fees will still apply and a 2 point deduction will be made.

what is the point system?

  • Win – 6 points
  • Draw – 4 points
  • Lose (with a difference of 5 goals) – 3 points
  • Lose (scoring within half of the opposing team’s score) – 2 points
  • Lose (scoring less than half of the opposing team’s score) – 1 point
  • Cancellation – 0 points


Throughout the league rules there are various penalties which may be applied, mostly by way of point deduction.

This is an ‘at a glance’ list and should be read in conjunction with the West Norfolk Netball League rules.

  • 3 Point deduction
    Playing an unaffiliated player.
    If a player swaps or transfers teams more than is stipulated
  • 2 Point deduction
    Non-attendance of an umpire
    Failure to notify a cancellation
  • 1 Point deduction
    Too many guest players in a match (1 point per player)
    AGM/League Event non-attendance where teams are advised to send a stipulated number of players (1 point per player)
    Late payment of fees (1 point per week overdue)

What should i wear?

Suitable sportswear must be worn. Jeans and ‘normal’ shoes are unacceptable. All jewellery, including body piercings must be removed except for wedding rings which, if worn, must be securely taped.

All teams must wear a set of legible bibs in the same colour. No team may take to the court without all players wearing one.

Hair must be securely tied back.

Umpires will also check your nails before the start of each match.

Gloves may be worn in extreme weather conditions in accordance with the England Netball Domestic Rules Guidance which refers to INF rule 5.1.1. These should be neoprene/seamless.

do you offer training?

We do not offer training although some of our teams do like to train outside of the league. Should you wish to attend a training session, please get in contact and we will try to put you in touch with those teams who run sessions. From time to time we may put details of these training sessions on the West Norfolk Netball League Facebook page.

Alternatively, we do run league events (details of which can be found on the Notice Board section of this website and the Facebook page) which you are able to attend and take part in.